Barbados Golden Jubilee Award


In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Barbadian Independence, Shelley attended a Gala Reception at the Savoy Hotel. It was here that she was awarded the Barbados Golden Jubilee Award in recognition of her outstanding service both as a member of the Barbadian Community and her significant contribution to the United Kingdom. 
The award was presented to her by The Rt Hon Freundel J Stuart, Prime Minister of Barbados.

His Excellency Mr Guy Hewitt, High Commissioner, said that Barbadian's are marked by their faith in God, their genius and their resolve. 
If this is true, then Shelley is the quintessential Barbadian. Her faith in Jesus, her genius mind for strategy and change and her resolve to not just survive but to overcome continually astounds and inspires everyone who knows her.

Shelley was accompanied by her daughter, Kara and son-in-law, Christian. Both of whom said they felt truly humbled and overwhelmed to have been blessed with such a woman as a mother and friend. 

For Shelley, this award is not only recognition of her life's work so far, but also of the legacy of her mother. Norma Jackman, of the values, character, generosity of spirit and love for people she has modelled everyday of her life. What a heritage!

Shelley Collins